Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz


Ever since the dawn of civilisation, humans have sought to adorn themselves, and generations of goldsmiths have created an array of jewels of all kinds to satisfy this desire. Ranging from a simple flower in the hair to magnificent crown jewels – adornment can take many forms. The designs of our students' workpieces range from classic to contemporary.

Training content

Goldsmiths employ both ancient and state-of-the art artisanal techniques in putting their creative ideas into practice. A sound training in the relevant skills provides a solid foundation on which our students are able to express their creativity.

Goldsmiths not only create necklaces, ear jewellery, rings and pendants, but also small trinket boxes and flacons.

During their training, our students work primarily with silver and gold, as these materials are malleable and extremely durable. In addition to precious metals and gemstones, other materials such as steel, wood, glass and plastic are used to create jewellery.

Students are encouraged to test the boundaries of what is possible and wearable. In order to select the most suitable processing technique, goldsmiths require an in-depth knowledge of the properties of the materials they are dealing with as well as the necessary crafting techniques.

Metals are not only alloyed, cast, forged, welded and soldered, but also sawed, filed, coloured, etched or enamelled. Gemstones are set, and clasps and complex mechanical parts fabricated.

Training objectives

In our college, students experience the design process from the initial sketch through to the completed object. Along the way they are introduced methodically to a large spectrum of design approaches.

Project work gives students the opportunity to experiment with new materials and techniques, enabling them to discover new interests as well as developing their ability to work independently.

Motivated and driven by the goal of their own projects, students discover the importance of meticulous planning and execution. They learn that craftsmanship alone is not enough for a successful professional career, and realise the vital role of design.