Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Glas und Schmuck Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz


The College's training programme for engravers is a three-year full-time course. The diploma awarded after the final examination is equivalent to the craftsman's certificate of apprenticeship.

The craft of engraving has a rich heritage and is still very much in evidence today, though few realise how widespread it actually is. Coins, medallions, seals, print rollers, technical prototypes, accessories and fashion jewellery, embellishments for jewellery, doorplates, hunting firearms, luxury watches and cutlery – these are just a few of the many products that pass through the hands of the engraver.

Our students are taught how to use traditional craft tools such as gravers, hammers, chisels and punches as well as modern CAD programmes, CNC technology, 3-D modelling and printing.

In addition to a solid grounding in the craft of engraving, we set great store by encouraging creativity. The enjoyment of drawing, manual dexterity, sculpture skills, a sense of form as well as an interest in technology are important prerequisites for this multifaceted profession.

In work placements, which are an integral part of the courses, our students are able to get a taste of what working in their chosen profession actually involves.

Our objective is to provide our graduates with qualifications for a wide range of occupations, whether as employees in modern industrial companies or on a self-employed basis in their own workshops.

Students with a particular interest in art and design may opt to continue their studies in jewellery, product or communication design at a college or university.


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